Hi, I'm Carmina Jean!

B.S. in Computer Engineering
Minor in Philosophy


My name is Carmina Jean, but people call me Mina!

Besides a Spotify playlist specialist, Instagram cat momager, and positivity Twitter bot, I'm also a student at UC Riverside studying Computer Engineering and Philosophy.

I am passionate about building communities and encouraging empathy using tech; I aspire to explore and create new mediums which bridge engineering and social change!

Prime Mina-spotting sites are at Major League Hacking Member Events and the IEEE@UCR Clubroom. You may have already spotted me in the past, excitedly repping SWE@UCR and Citrus Hack!

For Summer 2020, I will be in the Orange County, California area with Capital Group as an Information Technology Summer Associate. If you find me, hit me up! I'm always down to link up and chat over an americano.